Little Bird – The EP Recording

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Every song that we write is a little journey. Recording and releasing music feels like a little adventure! We learn lots, there are ups and downs, there are times we have to perservere and push through and yet other times it feels like things just fall into our laps. We feel different emotions; excited, surprised, nervous and sometimes even frustrated.

Releasing music is vulnerable, because though you are really excited about it at the time and they’re your “best songs yet” you know that one day, you’ll probably look back at them and say, “Wow, we sure have come a long way!” It’s vulnerable because you’re taking something that you love and allowing others journey with you to make it even better, which means not holding on too tightly and allowing creativity to flow in directions you may not have anticipated (which we have to say – our team of musicians and producer did SO well!). It’s vulnerable because it captures thoughts and melodies that have sometimes come from a deep and personal place. Still, what a joy and honour it is to write music that can now be heard all around the world at the click of a button. You never know whose ears will be listening and whose hearts will be encouraged by the thoughts, melodies and experiences captured in a song.

Little Bird – The EP, was recorded in January 2019 at Cube Studio near Perranporth in Cornwall, England. Our team for this project worked tirelessly to ensure that these songs sound like they do. Our Producer Matthew Cotterill barely broke the concentration for a cup of tea! He should be commended for the effort and creativity he added to these tracks. A huge thanks also to Nathan Morris for engineering and playing bass, to our legendary pal Chriso Hawkins for playing percussion and generally keeping us laughing, even in the moments that were a little more stressful! (!) Brandon Hargrave added his dreamy electric guitar riffs and we even had a group of friends come and record some BV’s on Wildflowers after putting out a facebook shout out the same day! Big thanks also to James, Sophie and Joe – who each added their creative flair, helping us figure out the direction of each song. We ate lots of pizza, drank lots of coffee and recorded until midnight most days. Photos taken by James Murray, Phase Foto.

Thank you everyone for listening, for streaming, downloading and sharing. Here’s to the adventures.

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