Black Cloud (Light)

Black Cloud? I know, it sounds like a slightly odd song title, but you’ll be pleased to know, there is a meaning behind it. This is not just a song about foul weather, rather it’s the abstract metaphoric portrayal of the way my quirky and unusual mind copes with difficult situations. So, here’s how the story goes…

I was in my bedroom, starring out of the window looking at the sky and feeling a bit down. I had just moved to England and had no friends, no job, limited qualifications and experience and I was really missing my family in America. It may not sound like a huge deal, and to be honest, it wasn’t especially compared to some of the worlds troubles, but you know sometimes, life just gets on top of you and it feels heavy and tiring.

As a sat in the window gazing into the surprisingly sunny British sky, suddenly out from the horizon came the inevitable… rain. Upon seeing the torrential downpour that was rapidly approaching the house, I quickly closed the window and said with a big sigh of frustration, “Great!” As per usual in this situation, I grabbed my guitar in preparation for a long day stuck inside the house. I should probably say at this point for those who don’t know, I’m from small town North Carolina; a country boy, used to being outside in the sunshine for most of the day! Anyway, there I was singing about what I could see out of the window and what was going on inside my head and in my heart! Verse 1 came quickly and verse 2 followed shortly after. The whole time I was thinking about my struggles and trying my best to see the silver lining in all of this. So, when it came to the 3rd verse, I just couldn’t seem to find the right words. I thought to myself, surely the song can’t end on the same depressing note it began on and I refuse to believe that this day will either. As I was there, deep in thought and fully determined to end the day and the song differently, to my surprise my eyes caught a glimpse of a single beam of sunlight shining through the thick dark clouds above. Beautiful. I then just sat and watched as the weather rapidly changed yet again and before long the sky was blue, the sun was bright, the ominous black clouds were replaced with beautiful fluffy white clouds and I remembered how much I love the smell of rain on a warm summer’s day. I had my verse 3 and a completely new mindset.

We all face hard times in life, but we can choose whether we let them keep us down or not. No, we cannot control our outward circumstances, but we do have control over how we respond to them. Light will always find its way through even the thickest and blackest of clouds.

“In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world” – John 16:33

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5